Why Link-age?

Give Your Business a
Strategic Advantage

Link-age offers three specialized companies to develop and deliver products, services, and market intelligence that help senior living organizations focus on being successful. Your residents, employees, stakeholders, and communities will thank you.

Link-age Solutions

As your trusted group purchasing partner, Link-age Solutions aligns your company’s needs with our proven network of vendors and service providers. We fuel you with solutions that help you make confident & successful business decisions in the aging services market.

Link-age Connect

With Link-age Connect, our exclusive access to aging adults guides every recommendation we make. By providing exclusive market insights, we ensure you deliver on the needs of you business and communities.

Link-age Ventures

Understanding and investing in the aging services of tomorrow, Link-age Ventures provides you with the foresight, opportunities and relationships you need to ignite future growth in a competitive marketplace.


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