Q&A with new Link-age Director of Sales Support and Administrative Services Darrell Miller

Q&A with new Link-age Director of Sales Support and Administrative Services Darrell Miller

Link-age is pleased to announce that Darrell Miller has joined Link-age Solutions as the Director of Sales Support and Administrative Services.

Darrell has had a career managing operations in the Hospice and Palliative Care space. Darrell’s experience ranges from Hospital Home Health, Palliative Care and Hospice, to owning and operating start up the rapid growth of start operations, to supporting regional operations of multiple states and cities from the Midwest to the Northeast.

Learn more about Darrell in this Q&A.

Q: You bring an impressive track record of experience to Link-age Solutions. How did those experiences prepare you for this new role?

Having had so many diverse roles that connect in their core goal of supporting people, businesses, and industries, my experience almost seems like a life-long training for this role. At Link-age, I get to use my experience to support not only our internal organization, but also countless member organizations and partner member organizations by connecting and supporting each of their missions.

Q: What are some opportunities you see for Link-age and Link-age members in the future?

I see many opportunities for Link-age that support operational and financial goals within our membership which directly impacts the success of Link-age itself. I also believe there are other like-minded organizations that we could work alongside to help our business model as well, which ultimately will benefit all of our members and vendor organizations by doing good for people across the continuum we serve.

Q: What motivates you to want to be successful in keeping senior living organizations supplied, informed, and positioned for success?

At my core, I’m a people person who feels successful when I help others succeed and, in this role, my entire position is only successful when I’ve helped my team and our members and partners succeed.

Q: How do you see technology impacting senior living organizations in the coming years?

I think in the next couple years AI and technology will be transformative in operations and in ordering/supply chain. I believe it will help customers feel seen, heard, and known on a level that makes us all be better partners and teammates.

Q: What are some of your goals for this new role with Link-age?

I want to be a good partner who knows the details of our members so that I may help our clients as best as I possibly can. I see that our membership does the good work face to face with people and our programs can support them to deepen relationships and help more. The bottom line is my wish is to be someone who always remembers that we only have now; this moment, to make a difference with the person we are interacting with. I want each of those moments to benefit our members more, because the industry we serve is far too important.

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