A letter from Medline to Link-age members

A letter from Medline to Link-age members

Thank you, Link-age members, for your continued partnership as we navigate through these unprecedented times. We understand the importance of working side-by-side to ensure you have essential medical supplies when and where you need them, and are always looking for new ways to improve and better serve your supply chain needs.

Medline has continued to invest in our customers for the future and rapidly respond to a dynamically changing market with customized solutions. The Medline Healthcare Resilience Initiative invested $1.5 billion in new distribution centers, manufacturing capabilities and IT upgrades to further their commitment to delivering superior customer service. Since 2018, the Medline Healthcare Resilience Initiative has delivered approximately 8,500 new jobs, eight new distribution centers, nearly 150 manufacturing expansion projects, and a new global digital customer ordering platform.

Medline’s strategy to build long-term resilience in the supply chain includes hedging future port disruption risks by expanding their distribution options to have transship operations located at all of the largest ports across the U.S. The company already has transship centers close to ports in Northern and Southern California and the Northeast in New York and New Jersey. The expansion of the transship center near the Port of Savannah will provide more options to support customers in key cities throughout the Southeast and Midwest, and the Port’s advanced capabilities and automation will allow Medline to triple its import volume into the region.

Due to industry-wide supply chain disruptions, stockpiling has become essential for healthcare resilience, and Medline’s total medical-grade U.S. warehousing footprint of more than 27 million square feet enables Medline’s nationwide disaster preparedness capacity. This footprint allows the company to provide inventory management services, expand customized third-party logistics (3PL) capabilities, and further support Medline’s CERT™ (Customer Emergency Response Tools) program – a subscription-based service to store and manage critical emergency inventory. Learn more about how Medline is helping long-term care providers improve operating performance and enhance care initiatives.

We are grateful to be able to serve you and your teams. Thank you for your continued partnership.

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