CEO Corner – July 2020

CEO Corner – July 2020

Inspired Motivation

July 22, 10:38 a.m. I just happened to look at the clock on my tablet when the unplanned conversation started.  We were in the midst of a Link-age Board meeting and for the next 40 minutes. I listened to stories from our Principal Members about the devastating impact this pandemic has had on older adults, as well as the incredible sacrifices being made by the people serving their residents.

There were numerous examples shared of innovative ideas and approaches to overcoming the tremendous obstacles facing our providers on a daily basis.  Several things struck me as I absorbed what was being said. First, trying to thrive in an industry historically fraught with a myriad of financial, regulatory, and workforce challenges has become significantly more difficult than anyone could have imagined. Next, that the pace of change being forced upon us is unlike anything I have seen in my last 18 years with Link-age. And finally, the professionals in this industry have responded with a commitment, passion, and resiliency beyond conception.

Over the last three months, Link-age has been stretched to find different ways to serve the evolving needs of our members like never before.  I am beyond proud of the way our team has risen to the challenge, but listening to these firsthand accounts of the toll being taken on so many lives has sparked an even higher sense of urgency to do more.  Make no mistake, we realize this is not a sprint; it will be a marathon getting through these uncertain times, but we are here for the long-term benefit of the amazing Members we serve throughout this country.

Please know that your courage, sacrifice, and tireless dedication to serving the needs of our aging population is an inspiration to us all!


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