iN2L drives resident health, happiness, and quality of life for Link-age members

iN2L drives resident health, happiness, and quality of life for Link-age members

How is your organization focused on supporting and sustaining resident well-being?  

In a recent survey, residents rated two factors as absolutely essential or very important to their well-being:

  • Participating in activities tailored to their interests; and
  • Creating and maintaining connections with others.

iN2L, the leading engagement and social connection platform, powers these essential drivers of resident health, happiness, and quality of life.  iN2L brings people together, connecting seniors with what interests and fulfills them and enabling them to share conversations, interactions, learning, and fun with each other, their caregivers, and family members.

Designed especially for older adults, iN2L’s vast library of digital engagement content are accessible on a variety of touch screen systems and help create experiences specifically tailored for each individual.

Demonstrated results of iN2L’s person-centered engagement include:

  • 65% improvement in resident mood
  • 78% improvement in social activity participation
  • 144% improvement in community staff-family relationships

iN2L also boasts self-reported resident QOL improvement:

  • 96% felt joy all or most of the time
  • 95% felt calm
  • 98% felt peaceful
  • 88% felt rested and relaxed
  • 95% had no feelings of hopelessness

The attached flyer has more details about enhancing residents’ well-being and empowering your team members. Click on this link to view a brief video on iN2L in action.

If you’re interested in learning more about how iN2L can power person-centered care and enhance your community’s resident experience with meaningful connection, please contact Debbie Hounshell at  Link-age Members receive preferred pricing.

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