Link-age Connect Pulse Survey Results: Socializing

Link-age Connect Pulse Survey Results: Socializing

Link-age Connect is engaging its market intelligence capabilities to share Pulse Surveys, quick surveys distributed by Link-age on topics of current interest among older adults. March’s Pulse Survey polled individuals aged 55 and older on their plans to (or not to) socialize. Answers reflect exactly what was submitted via the survey, so be sure to verify any information you choose to use.

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March Pulse Survey: Socializing

Background information about the respondents (117 older adults aged 55+).

Females 64% Males 36%

Respondent quotes on socializing:

“I’m looking forward to getting out more.”

Female, aged 80-84

“It is crucial to my mental health.”

Female, aged 75-79

“Being with people in person is very important to me.  Seeing their facial expressions, and all their physical reactions gives more meaning to what they have said.  Virtual communication just seems stilted.”

Female, aged 80-84

“It is important to me and looking forward to getting back to some degree of normal.”

Male, aged 70-74

“There are less opportunities for socializing now than before the pandemic.  There were hardly any virtual opportunities except Facebook before and much more even now as the pandemic is drawing to a close. Virtual opportunities will continue to be plentiful for the elderly and long distance personal socializing will decrease particularly with families.”

Male, aged 80-84

Explore the full data set here. 

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