Link-age Connect Survey Released, Titled “My Perspective of COVID-19”

Link-age Connect Survey Released, Titled “My Perspective of COVID-19”

In April, Link-age Connect launched an electronic survey containing 15 questions designed to gain knowledge from older adults related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey addressed topics such as adoption of new technologies, thoughts on the pandemic itself, and what, if anything, do these individuals compare this experience to. The survey was launched in April of 2020 and ran through July of 2020. Most responses (71%) came in early April, with another 14% in the month of May. The survey was fielded in an electronic format via various social media platforms and with assistance from senior living organizations across the United States.

The results of this survey are available to view in the attached infographic.

It can be especially helpful for providers during these very challenging times to have an accurate perception of the state of senior living as a whole and more importantly, an accurate look into the feelings of those they serve and their staff. This survey is another example of the kinds of data Link-age Connect can collect and analyze from employees, residents, and family members. Link-age Connect can learn from these individuals and help organizations devise a plan moving forward to properly use and leverage those points of view.

For questions about the results of the survey or to learn more about Link-age Connect, reach out to Sue Viox at

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