Link-age Connect Testimonial: The RiverWoods Group (Exeter, NH)

Link-age Connect Testimonial: The RiverWoods Group (Exeter, NH)

David Lafferty, CIO at The RiverWoods Group (Exeter, NH) recently provided the following testimonial on a recent project with Link-age Connect:

The RiverWoods Group recently implemented a new resident services portal, replacing a legacy platform that many residents had become familiar with.  This new platform generated a lot of feedback, as well as complaints from residents.  RiverWoods needed to implement a process to objectively collect this feedback to determine how best to identify and implement improvements to the portal.

RiverWoods engaged with Link-age Connect working with Sue Viox.  Sue worked closely to understand the unique factors related to resident perceptions in using the portal.  Sue was instrumental in facilitating various focus groups in order to develop a tailored survey which would be most helpful in collecting resident feedback.  Sue’s keen understanding of how senior adults use technology was instrumental in assuring Riverwoods had an effective survey tool with actionable results.  She worked closely with our team constantly fine tuning aspects of the survey and the delivery process.  As a result, RiverWoods achieved an exceptional response rate to our survey and was able to develop and communicate a portal improvement plan that has been met with positive feedback from our residents. 

David Lafferty
RiverWoods Group
5 White Oak Drive
Exeter, NH 03833

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