Link-age food optimization process underway. Mike Randolph, Director of Dining Solutions

Link-age food optimization process underway. Mike Randolph, Director of Dining Solutions

It has been a wonderful first few months working for Link-age as Director of Dining Solutions. During my first two months, I was blessed to work alongside Jim Norris ahead of his retirement. That time was a learning experience of getting out to meet members, meeting current and potential vendors, and working with FoodBuy, our valued partner in getting the best prices for our members. Also, I learned the internal workings of Link-age and my role of supplying current members and potential new members with opportunities to save through optimizing what they were spending their money on.

Link-age Solutions is now working on a food optimization process with a simple goal: Give every member multiple opportunities a year to optimize their ordering and achieve finding the best price and quality without ever having to ask.

We know our member Dining Directors are busy feeding those that they serve and managing departments on a daily basis and are sometimes too busy to look for savings opportunities. So, we are being proactive and showing them those opportunities without them asking.

Our expanded process is two-pronged. The first option is for Link-age to proactively show savings and quality options and help the member find opportunities on their order guides. The second option is for members to let us work with their order guide directly to keep that organization as optimized as possible. This option is done together with our member’s teams, using their guidance on preferences. Either option will help with savings and quality upgrades.

Link-age is committed to helping its members maximize their funding while at the same time enjoying access to the best products and services on the market. This new process for foodservice is part of our company’s ongoing concierge approach. Offering customized solutions to fit your needs is always a priority.

What, if any, are changes members should expect to the foodservice program? More interaction on a regular basis with myself, Lori Buik (my dining solutions partner at Link-age), and our experienced Business Development Account Managers, Jason Bright and Aaron Huminsky. This will help leverage our expertise in helping our members serve residents on a daily basis.

To learn more about how Link-age is optimizing its food process, please reach out to me, Mike Randolph, at

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