Link-age welcomes new Director of Strategic Accounts Mike Fisher, Q&A

Link-age welcomes new Director of Strategic Accounts Mike Fisher, Q&A

Link-age is pleased to announce that Mike Fisher has joined Link-age Solutions as the new Director of Strategic Accounts. Mike is replacing Annette Hutchins, who left Link-age in April for another opportunity. Mike has extensive experience in the post-acute care space, with particular expertise in medical supplies, rehabilitation, and institutional pharmacy. Mike will combine with Jason Bright, Director of Business Development, to bring new members to Link-age and provide account management services to existing members.

Learn more about Mike in this Q&A.

Q: You bring an impressive track record of experience across a range of post-acute supplier companies. How did those experiences prepare you for this new role with Link-age?

I think my experience almost ventures into the area of serendipity when it comes to finding myself beginning a career with Link-age. My experience in the supply world with Medline as well as having been a business owner myself in the healthcare space uniquely positions me with knowledge on both sides of the fence. I understand the challenges that operators face and also know the nuances of supply chain management from a sales, marketing and manufacturing point of view, as well as an operator and buyer. With that experience, along with an extensive network, I hope to bridge the gap and foster cooperation, as well as elevated efficiencies and partnerships for all parties involved.

Q: What were some lessons learned during the pandemic? What are some opportunities you see for Link-age and Link-age members in the future?

If I’ve learned anything it’s that people don’t do well on any level in isolation. I’ve also come to appreciate even more how much the healthcare community can overcome obstacles when we work together. I believe that Link-age, with our world class suppliers, is positioned to address the challenges that our long-term care partners face. We collectively as a healthcare community have the opportunity to continue to innovate, collaborate and initiate together to improve the quality of life for those whom we serve. Link-age is committed to vetting, finding and offering suppliers that share these passions as well.

Q: What motivates you to want to be successful in keeping senior living organizations supplied, informed, and positioned for success?

I know this may sound a bit naïve today, but I genuinely love people. I genuinely want everyone I work with to be able to say it was a good day at each sunset. I also have a passion for senior care. I’ve often said that if you want your customers or partners to run to you and not away meet their needs, help them navigate and offer solutions to their challenges. Simply help them operate better and therefore sleep better at night. If we all did this, the world would be a better place.

I also am personally a caregiver. My wife and I are the primary caregivers for our adult daughter who has several on-set disabilities, including heart and lung impairment and left hemisphere paralysis. This provides me with a level of passion and empathy that drives me to ensure quality resources are available to caregivers across the spectrum, which will help serve those they care for.

Q: How do you see technology impacting the senior living industry in the coming years?

Studies find that 91% of those age 50 + use a computer and 94% say technology helps them keep in touch with friends and family. Challenging times drive innovation, and that holds true for the current challenges we face and those we serve in the senior living industry. I’m particularly excited about companies like Embodied Labs and Artful Enrichment. The former uses Virtual Reality experiences to help caregivers better understand and have empathy for those they care for and the later brings us innovative and quality ways to assist activity directors to enhance quality of life through unique art programs. I think these and innovations like them will have a long-lasting positive impact for those living in our senior living communities.

Q: What are some of your goals for this new role with Link-age?

My core focus and main goal is to help improve the quality of life for caregivers and those they care for alike. At the end of the day, if I can leverage my experience and relationship to achieve those goals it’s a good day. Link-age is uniquely positioned to be a facilitator and driving force in advancing the state of healthcare. I’m thrilled to be a part of the team and look forward to partnering with members and partners alike to achieve our collective goals of providing excellent care and achieve positive outcomes.

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  • Jarrod Grimm
    Posted at 14:30h, 27 June Reply

    I’m both excited for Mike and all of the members of Link-age for having the opportunity to watch Mike in action. He is a great asset to any team! Great write-up!

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