New Supplier Relationships – June 2021

New Supplier Relationships – June 2021




Want to help your residents improve their health and wellbeing? With Spiro100, residents can access high quality, outcome-based fitness classes that improve independence, balance and vitality. Communities and residents have access to over 120 full length on-demand fitness and meditation classes. Plus, Spiro100 is now offering LIVE online classes every week.

Spiro100’s appropriate, safe, and affordable state of the art fitness programming is designed to increase participation, decrease falls, and lower the cost of care. By providing programs for all ability levels, Spiro100 instills the confidence in every resident to participate in an exercise program knowing that it will be right for them.  The importance of fitness at every age is well documented, but perhaps most critical for older adults who benefit from increased function, balance, mental wellbeing and a healthy immune system.

Let Spiro100 empower your team to create an award-winning wellness program and vibrant community that prospects will be excited to call home!

Words from Spiro100 members:

“ I don’t need to design all my own classes anymore! Plus it feels like our residents are getting a better overall workout.” Lifestyle Coordinator,  Americare.

“The variety of classes was great, we just never knew what would be next, basketball, kickboxing, even belly dancing!” Resident, Castle Pointe Baywinde.

Reach out to Debbie Hounshell if you are interested in learning more about the Spiro100 program.

Embodied Labs

Link-age is beginning a new relationship with Embodied Labs, the leader in immersive training for healthier aging.

Through immersive experiences, those providing care can embody the perspectives and conditions of other people, gaining an understanding that can’t be achieved with traditional training tools. These insights empower more effective, empathetic care for patients, customers and family members.

In use by a range of organizations in senior living, home care, government, academia and corporations, the training labs include: The Frank Lab (social isolation);  The Beatriz Lab (Alzheimer’s Disease); The Alfred Lab (Macular Degeneration and High Frequency Hearing Loss); and The Eden Lab (Trans Health & LGBT Aging).

The impact of Embodied Labs immersive training is evidenced in the customer feedback surveys:

  • 50% of learners who completed training with the Alzheimer’s Disease lab cited a better understanding of how Alzheimer’s disease affects many parts of the body and brain, not just memory
  • 40% had greater confidence in their ability to provide care for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease
  • 52% of learners using the social isolation lab were more confident in their ability to identify social isolation factors for older adults.
  • 95% had better understanding of the perspective of older adults living with hearing and or vision loss
  • 173% increase in agreement that individuals with low vision can live meaningful, fulfilling lives

Watch this video journey on the immersive experience and take a moment to review the attached overview. Reach out to Debbie Hounshell if you are interested in learning more about Embodied Labs.

Artfull Enrichment, Inc.

Link-age recently shared a flyer regarding Artfull Aging. Artfull Aging has become Artfull Enrichment, Inc. This supplier partner continues to provide older adult communities with access to high-quality art programs that are uniquely designed to empower participants, support recreational staff, and enhance a community’s overall creative culture. All programs are accessible through an online member portal and can be facilitated through life enrichment staff or pursued independently by residents.

Programs include independent art programs, artfull talks presentations, artfull video tutorials, project guides, and more. Reach out to Debbie Hounshell if you are interested in learning more about Artfull Enrichment, Inc.

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