Q&A with Aaron Huminsky, new Director of Business Development

Q&A with Aaron Huminsky, new Director of Business Development

Link-age is pleased to announce that Aaron Huminsky has joined Link-age Solutions as Director of Business Development.  Aaron comes to Link-age with approximately 20 years of healthcare experience with organizations like Cardinal Health and the Cleveland Clinic, holding leadership roles in sales, business & product development, and category management.  In this new role, Aaron will work with the team at Link-age Solutions to serve current members and bring in new business to the company.

Learn more about Aaron in this Q&A.

Q: You bring an impressive track record of experience to Link-age Solutions. How did those experiences prepare you for this new role?

Having worked for years in medical distribution, we had to deliver life sustaining products to patients while navigating the ever-changing regulatory and reimbursement landscapes of healthcare.  Managing costs with established market players, and bringing on new and impactful products, were critical in delivering the best possible service to our customers.  This experience translates directly with the value Link-age brings to its members, and I am looking forward to leveraging my experience to help in every way that I can.

Q: What are some opportunities you see for Link-age and Link-age members in the future?

Since we focus 100% of our time on helping our members control costs, optimize processes, and stay on top of trends, the chief opportunity I see for our members is to utilize Link-age as their primary resource for connecting them with industry best practices.  Allowing us to focus on these critical needs will maximize our members’ ability to focus on the care and services they deliver directly to their patients and residents.

Q: What motivates you to want to be successful in keeping senior living organizations supplied, informed, and positioned for success?

We all want the best for our family and friends.  Our members provide critical services for our communities, and my loved ones have used these services in the past and will need to use them in the future.  Knowing that I can potentially help improve the quality of life of those served with my efforts is incredibly motivating and rewarding.

Q: How do you see technology impacting senior living organizations in the coming years?

I see technology positively impacting all aspects of senior living organizations, and I am excited to help our members stay educated on how these various solutions would impact their facilities.  Whether it is helping administrators manage hiring, payroll, and staffing (OnShift/Shift-Key), installing energy efficient solutions within their facilities (Ameresco), or utilizing AI to predict and address falls (VirtuSense), there are a multitude of ways we can help members stay in touch with the most current innovations.

Q: What are some of your goals for this new role with Link-age?

Initially, I want to meet with our members and learn as much as I can about their current needs, areas of focus, and strategic goals.  My goal is to have each of our members utilize the Link-age team as their primary resource for all their supply chain and resident engagement needs.  As I dig in with our current members, I also want to expand our membership to new facilities so they also can enjoy the unique services that Link-age provides.


Aaron can be reached at ahuminksky@linkageconnect.com.

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