Q&A with UNITED Medical Supply Company

Q&A with UNITED Medical Supply Company

Link-age is pleased to announce its new partnership with UNITED Medical Supply Company. Learn more about UNITED in this Q&A with CEO Ted Walsh and President Anthony Fidram.

Q: What excites you most about this new partnership with Link-age?

Ted:  There are so many things about this partnership that excite us.  What stands out the most to me is how we are in such lockstep with one another, as far as our approaches to service and goals for growth.  It has made this partnership process a very easy one.

Anthony:  We truly enjoy making a difference in the lives of the residents we serve and this partnership provides an exciting new opportunity to reach more communities and deliver a greater impact.

Q: What are some of the products and services offered by UNITED that may be helpful to Link-age members?

Ted:  Our Inventory Dynamics and U+Prime programs are what we really hang our hats on.  In the end, information is what is going to guide our partners to success, so having the tools available to analyze performance and uncover new opportunities for growth is what truly sets UNITED apart.

Anthony:  UNITED is somewhat unique in that we can make an impact across multiple cost centers for our customers. Our focus and commitment beyond Medical Supplies extends to Housekeeping, Laundry and Warewashing. In today’s environment, efficiency is everything and consolidating vendors has been a major focus of many of our end-users.

Q: What motivates you to want to be successful in keeping senior living organizations supplied, informed, and positioned for success?

Ted:  Post-acute care is our sole focus at UNITED, so there is nothing more important to us than ensuring our communities are as well-prepared as possible for the challenges they face on a daily basis.  We believe having resources built specifically for post-acute care arms our customers with the tools needed to not just survive in this climate, but to thrive.

Q: What were some lessons learned during the pandemic? What are some opportunities you see for Link-age and Link-age members in the future?

Anthony:  I believe we discovered what many of our customers have learned over the last couple of years: size isn’t everything. As a regional supplier, we dedicated ourselves to the post-acute market we serve and that provided us with great flexibility to help many folks in our market when they needed it the most. We look forward to establishing primary supplier partnerships with our Link-Age members so that we might be able to help them in the same way.

Q: What beyond lower pricing can a medical supply distributor do for a customer to provide enhanced value? 

Ted:  Now, more than ever, we must all be creative in the ways we approach our business.  Pricing is naturally part of the process, to help level-set, but understanding cost-in-use and how to be most effective with your product choices is just as important, if not more important, to your bottom line.  With UNITED, we have the programs available to quickly analyze those performance metrics and guide our customers towards greater efficiencies.

Anthony: Product costs will always be a focus for us at UNITED, but beyond pricing is where we believe the real work begins. Our approach has proven time and time again to deliver success to our customers. Service is the foundation that we’ve built our company and reputation upon, which can be a hard metric to quantify, but we all know it makes a significant difference and can be tremendously impactful.

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