Resident engagement remains a priority for Link-age

Resident engagement remains a priority for Link-age

As reported in May, Link-age offers a number of resident engagement solutions that can support life enrichment and wellness among residents. Link-age continues to expand its resident engagement portfolio, which includes the following options available to all members:


iN2L, the leading engagement and social connection platform, powers these essential drivers of resident health, happiness, and quality of life. iN2L brings people together, connecting seniors with what interests and fulfills them and enabling them to share conversations, interactions, learning, and fun with each other, their caregivers, and family members. Designed especially for older adults, iN2L’s vast library of digital engagement content accessible on a variety of touch screen systems helps create experiences focused on each individual elder that foster camaraderie, meaning, and a sense of purpose, positively impacting every member of the community surrounding them.

LE3 Solutions

Supporting resident outcomes through programs, technology adoption, and the latest solutions are at the core of LE3 Solutions’ passion and focus.  LE3 Solutions believe content matters. Content should not be about volume and quantity, rather intention and quality. LE3 is committed to offering carefully curated, evidence-based, well-being content for all, regardless of age. 


As an award winning TV-based resident engagement, education and care platform, Independa has demonstrated it is cost-effective with best-in-class resident engagement, while also achieving operational and staff efficiencies – key considerations with staffing issues and lingering COVID challenges facing senior living today. Independa allows your community to do more with less, by offering a TV-based platform to deliver a wide range of operational services to your residents. 

Artfull Enrichment (formerly Artfull Aging)

Artfull Enrichment (formerly Artfull Aging) offers a wide range of art programs that can be facilitated by in-house staff or pursued independently by residents. All Artfull programs promote self-expression and lifelong creativity and can be accessed online with a membership. With video tutorials, art history presentations, live online workshops, and printable art programs, there is something to inspire every resident! Join the creative aging movement with an Artfull Enrichment membership.

One Day University

Curiosity Stream and One Day University have joined together to create a powerful platform that enables curious students of all ages to fulfill their passion for learning, knowledge and personal growth. And, Link-age members can purchase subscriptions to Curiosity Stream, One Day University or both at preferred pricing. Consider your residents’ curiosity and passion for learning. 

Embodied Labs

For 5 years, Embodied Labs has been bringing organizations immersive training through its VR technology. Embodied Labs now  brings its award-winning experiences right to your workplace in a more flexible, accessible format with the introduction of Embodied Labs Online. By expanding our technology offering to an online platform we are enabling greater accessibility to our immersive experiences, building insights and understanding of the conditions and perspectives of others more effectively.


Residents can improve their well-being by engaging with high quality, outcome-based fitness classes that improve independence, balance and vitality. With Spiro100, communities and residents have access to over 120 full length on-demand fitness and meditation classes. Plus, Spiro100 is now offering live online classes every week. Spiro100’s appropriate, safe, and affordable state of the art fitness programming is designed to increase participation, decrease falls, and lower the cost of care. By providing programs for all ability levels, Spiro100 instills the confidence in every resident to participate in an exercise program knowing that it will be right for them. The importance of fitness at every age is well documented, but perhaps most critical for older adults who benefit from increased function, balance, mental wellbeing and a healthy immune system.

To access any of these resident engagement solutions, reach out to Debbie Hounshell at

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