What do your residents really want? Suzanne Viox, Director of Link-age Connect

What do your residents really want? Suzanne Viox, Director of Link-age Connect

In the rapidly evolving landscape of post-acute care, staying competitive and meeting the evolving needs of residents is essential. One invaluable tool that Link-age members can leverage to achieve these goals is the market research services of Link-age Connect. Market research is the systematic gathering, analyzing, and interpreting of data related to a target market, and Link-age Connect can offer numerous benefits to senior living providers as they seek to answer a question of enormous importance: What do your residents really want?

Link-age Connect’s team of experts will partner with you to build on existing data or develop custom research projects. We ensure the efficient and authentic engagement you need through proven methods and exclusive access to large numbers of research participants. We can survey residents and staff, study and evaluate data, provide you with actionable insights quickly and efficiently, and more.

Serving residents in this post-pandemic world involves exploring their different wants, needs and aspirations. Understanding this key data, including that of your employees, is something many senior living providers do not currently have the time or capacity to accomplish. Budgeting for this kind of research in the year ahead can provide a much clearer picture of the scope and cost of what is needed to ensure the happiness and health of both residents and staff. One example of the kind of impact market research can have is the perspective from residents on their dining experience – this was recently presented at the Link-age and LeadingAge Ohio Dining Event on September 14.

There has never been a more important time for senior living providers to know their employees and residents on the deepest of levels to create a culture and environment of satisfaction and thriving. Let Link-age Connect help you understand what your residents, and your team, really wants.

To learn more about how Link-age Connect can help your organization conduct market research, please reach out to me, Sue Viox, at sviox@linkageconnect.com. To view the results of the 2023 Link-age Connect Senior Living Resident Dining Experience Study, click here.

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