New Supplier Relationships – February 2021

New Supplier Relationships – February 2021



LE3 Solutions

Link-age has announced a new addition to its life enrichment supplier portfolio, LE3 Solutions. LE3 Solutions supports resident outcomes through programs, technology adoption, and the latest solutions. The staff of LE3 are committed to offering carefully curated, evidence-based well-being content for all, regardless of age.

LE3 is providing Link-age members with full access to their January 2021 content. LE3 provides products and services suitable for all senior living settings, from small care homes, to large settings, to individual caregivers, to franchise home health, and more.

iGuard Home Solutions

Link-age has announced a new partnership with iGuard Home Solutions, manufacturer of iGuardStove™ – the ultimate stove fire safety device that prevents kitchen fires before they can start.

The iGuardStove offers senior living operators an effective and cost-efficient kitchen fire prevention solution. The iGuareStove can:

  • Protect residents from injury or death;
  • Protect facilities from fire and water damage, as well as injury liability;
  • Prevent the disruption of residents being displaced during repairs; and
  • Provide added peace of mind to residents and their families

Using smart, proven technology, the iGuardStove automatically shuts off the stove when it senses that someone has walked away from the stove for an extended period of time. If the stove is shut off it sends an immediate message to alert staff. The iGuardStove is available in both electric and gas models.

Learn more about the iGuardStove and how it can help protect residents and property.

Plante Moran Living Forward

How well do you know your market?

Demographics shifts, competitor changes, and other market conditions influence every facet of a community’s operations — from census to decisions around fees, marketing campaigns, and renovations.

To help members achieve ongoing market intelligence for marketing, sales, operations, and leadership functions, Link-age has partnered with senior living development consulting firm Plante Moran Living Forward to offer Quick Demand™ reports. These reports will keep your team constantly updated on key supply and demand data as you evaluate marketing initiatives, unit renovations, or new programming.

To learn more, reach out to Sally Heffernan at or call her directly at (419) 842-6127. Be sure to tell her you are a Link-age member!

Artfull Aging

Artfull Aging provides older adult communities with access to high-quality art programs that are uniquely designed to empower participants, support recreational staff, and enhance your community’s overall creative culture. All programs are accessible through an online member portal and can be facilitated through life enrichment staff or pursued independently by residents.

Programs include independent art programs, artfull talks presentations, artfull video tutorials, project guides, and more.


Gpurify, a Geehan Group company, provides air quality and germ containment services, air purification systems, and other solutions to boost safety for residents, staff, and visitors.

Gpurify offers a host of indoor air quality solutions including air sanitizing systems that work in a variety of room sizes/configurations to safeguard against the outbreak and spread of airborne viruses, bacteria, allergens, pollutants, and more. To add another layer of protection recommended by health agencies, Gpurify also offers nonporous barriers and sneeze guards. These units are perfect for smaller spaces where you eat, greet, study, meet, and/or work with other people, and are available in various sizes in clear acrylic or translucent polycarbonate material, all made in the USA.

Ohio-based Link-age member can act now to take advantage of the Ohio Indoor Air Quality Assistance Grant, expiring 3/31/21. The Geehan Group can help complete all required paperwork for interested members, and have already helped a number of organizations! Geehan in-house experts can provide a facility assessment and guidance through product selection to maximize resident and staff safety. Geehan experts can also identify and complete grant applications for organizations at no additional charge.

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