Supplier Partner Spotlight: Independa

Supplier Partner Spotlight: Independa

A Life, Connected … is a Healthy Life

While many older adults are once again enjoying quality time in person with grandchildren and other loved ones, the pandemic taught us the power and importance of connectivity when it comes to the health, wellbeing, and happiness of older adults. With isolation and loneliness recognized as key issues for the elderly, wouldn’t it be amazing to access a product that helps older adults stay connected to their loved ones and medical professionals in an easy-to-use, familiar package? Look no further – Independa is here.

Learn more here about how Link-age Supplier Partner Independa is helping Link-age members keep those they serve connected to the people and services that matter most.

Who is Independa?

Independa, Inc. was founded in 2009 and is the recognized leader in remote engagement, education and care. Independa’s award-winning PaaS (Platform as a Service) software leverages the television to help people stay at their residence of choice longer, with comfort, and more safely, delaying or even eliminating the next episode of care. For consumers, the Independa Health Hub® delivers an ecosystem of healthy offerings and benefits, all integrated within the large and familiar TV screen – telehealth access to doctors, dentists and mental health professionals; video on demand content across a wide range of benefits, including WebMD medical content, exercise videos, faith-based videos, educational videos, entertainment content, and more;  in-home lab tests;  and free access to a pharmacy discount card, games, and many other features such as simplified video chat, photo and message sharing.

The Independa Health Hub®

Independa brings older adults the world using technology they are comfortable with and adept at using – the TV.  The Independa Health Hub provides an incredibly easy-to-use platform for older adults to switch between watching television and engaging with loved ones or medical professionals, all with award winning ease. With no new technology to learn, the Independa Health Hub provides the following benefits:

  • Exercise, health, tech education, and spiritual videos
  • Televisits with doctors, dentists, or therapists
  • Video chat with friends and family
  • Games
  • Pharmacy prescription discounts
  • In home lab tests
  • And more

View the full Independa Features List here.

A Flexible Solution for Communities and Facilities

Independa delivers a helpful solution for older adults who live in a senior living facility, as well those who live in their home, for example in CCRC Home settings. By turning any television into an engagement window to the world, Independa is giving loved ones piece of mind and providing older adults living in the community with the services and programs they need in the comfort of their homes. Additionally, with Independa, operators can engage more effectively and more efficiently with their residents, including delivering community calendars, dining menus, broadcasts, surveys, work orders, digital signage, and more. No matter the place an older adult calls home, Independa provides a compelling solution.

Awards & Recognitions

Independa and it’s technology has been recognized by the following news outlets and organizations: Entrepreneur Magazine, USA TODAY, Forbes, Fox News, Tech Crunch, HealthCare Tech, Senior Housing News, Ernst & Young, and many more.

To learn more about the Independa Health Hub and set up an appointment with Independa, click here. To find out how your organization can access Independa, please reach out to Debbie Hounshell at

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